Wellcome to my official site!
My name is Alexandr Bulgarov, I'm a music composer working in different genres and styles for computer games, TV, cinema and animations.

I was born in Moldova. Began music career at 13 playing in local band as a drummer and guitarist. Then being a student at University I was playing in a metal band "Splash" as guitarist and at the same time started my own project called "Xcentric Noizz". Assimilating music deeds, computer based, found out that one man can compose and mix
whole album releases as full group. With appearence of such masterpieces as products of Steinberg, IK Multimedia, etc., VST instruments and sound libraries, can organize a full palette of orchestral sounding instruments. I began musicscoring.
As many guys like me, I am big fan of computer games. Being inspired by music from such games as Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, UT series, Fallout and movies like LOTR, 300, and a million of awesome movies, started composing music for TV shows and video games. Currently I keep pushing myself doing at the same time 3 projects representing
different styles and inspirations. This website serves mostly as a portfolio in game, movies soundtrack\musicscore genre. If you have any proposals, ideas, feel free to get in touch with me through email.
Hope you'll like my music!


So, here are some of my professional achievements.

Promo video for new social network called "Petonik.com". And, a music I did for it.

This is a Compilation of tracks written for games, TV, cinematographic musicscore and they are a part of my personal art representation.


This is the movie by russian director K. Shelepow. It's postapocalyptic drama I did soundtrack for it.


Below is a soundtrack for MMORPG game "FOnline" based on Fallout 2 engine and with postnuclear atmosphere in it.


Di Sepia is an alternative metal project consisted of two persons, with strong and tender female voice. This album was created totally under my control including composing, mixing, recording, mastering. The song "Leaves" took first place in frames of contest at very famous russian musician community RMM.


Project "Exile" is my personal composition with a long of 30 minutes, sounding like a suite and is a mixture of different genres, from ambient to industrial metal and symphonical.

This is my last personal project avantgarde-djent metal oriented,
download here


for proposals and ideas contact me: alex (at) alexbulgarov dot com